Mazda is proud to offer some of the most unique looking and feeling sedans and SUVs on the road. The automaker's engineers work hard to create vehicles that offer sleek designs, deceptively athletic driving experiences, and the best in modern features.

The brand's approach has earned it a steady stream of new and returning customers. It's also helped it to earn some impressively consistent accolades.

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The Mazda3 sedan, for instance, recently took the top spot on Kelly Blue Book's 10 Coolest Cars of the year list. While this news would be excellent on its own, it's made more impressive by the fact that is the tenth time the Mazda3 has appeared on the list and the fifth consecutive time it's claimed the top spot.

Discussing the merits that won the Mazda3 this recognition, KBB editors pointed to its athleticism and everyday usefulness as the reasons behind its success. "Available in both sedan and hatchback form, the Mazda3 offers practicality that appeals to compact car buyers, with sportiness that makes even daily chores more fun," said executive editor Michael Harley.

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With a starting price of around $18,000, the Mazda3 offers a comfortable interior rife with entertainment features and safety technology. These include Smart City Brake Support, a valuable system aimed at helping drivers avoid road incidents involving pedestrians. Fuel-efficient and fun to drive, it offers drivers a competitively priced package that delivers hard on fun and quality.

If that sounds like the sort of car you'd like to drive, drop us a line at Jim Doran Mazda in McMinnville, OR. Our sales team would be happy to tell you more about everything available in our inventory of new Mazda cars.

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