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  • Sam Pyne
    General Manager
    (503) 472-3131

    Starting out as a sales consultant over 15 years ago, Sam has seen the ups and downs of the auto industry. Now, as our General Manager, Sam's leadership is exhibited daily. His passion for cars, coupled with his integrity makes him a great role model in the dealership industry.

    Fun Sam Facts:
    Favorite movie: Star Wars!
    Favorite Sport/Activity: CrossFit and MMA
    Favorite Car/Truck: Loves most motorized things!

    Why do you like working here?
    "I love the challenge and I get to be around cars all day!"

  • Crystal Poczynek
    Sales Consultant Extraordinare
    (503) 687-2831

    Crystal previously worked as a Personal Fitness Trainer in Sherwood, Oregon for over 5 years. She had earned her Bachelors degree at Portland State in Health and Fitness. Unfortunately, the industry was crippled by Covid. Seeking advice and support from a friend that worked at Jim Doran Auto, she was blindsided when he offered her a position in Automotive Sales. 

    "I never considered this type of career but I am so thankful for the opportunity." She stated. It just so happens that years of refined customer service skills give her an advantage to connect with people. 

    When asked what she likes about working here, she said: "I like it here because I enjoy being of service and assisting people in making exciting decisions for themselves and their family. I like coming to work and seeing my coworkers who make me feel welcome and appreciated. That is my favorite part!"

    Fun facts about Crystal:

    Favorite food: Cookies!
    Favorite Drink: Coffee
    Favorite Activity: Hiking, summiting mountain peaks!
    Favorite time of the year: Early fall when the leave start to turn and the air is crisp!  

    If you were a super hero, what would you want your power to be?
    If I were a super hero, I would want to be a healer. 

    Why do you like working at Jim Doran Mazda? I like working here because of the knowledgable and skilled staff, I learn so much from them.

  • Jill Stutzman
    Business Development Agent
    (503) 455-5637

    Jill brings her adventurous enthusiasm to the sales team as she helps new customers navigate the journey that is buying a vehicle! Even on the phone you can tell Jill is smiling!

  • Liza Lander
    Sales Consultant Unicorn
    (503) 330-8887

    Why should you buy from Liza? Well, her most important character trait is her honesty! She knows the process, she knows it can be scary and stressful and wants to make sure she is a true consultant to her clients.

     "I want to be honest, quick and make sure I meet the customers needs. I won't be pushy and truly want my customers to be thrilled about their purchase!" -Liza

    Plus, she has two great little dogs to keep her customers company during the process!


    Favorite Food: Mexican always! But not too spicy
    Favorite Drink: COFFEE! (and tequila when on vacay!) 
    Favorite Car: Miata for summer; Jeep for winter and Mustang for spring!
    Favorite Person/Mentor: My Dad. He always taught me to work for what I want. Never say "can't" and to be independent.
    Why do you like working at Jim Doran Mazda? It's a work-family environment. Everyone cares about each other.

  • Russell McMillen
    Sale Consultant Superstar
    (971) 261-9583

    Russ is your adventurous salesman! He loves the outside; whether hunting, fishing or riding his side-by-sides in the sand. If he is breathing the Pacific Northwest air, he is happy! When it comes to customer service, it is hard to find a consultant that will outwork Russell. He is an easy going guy, who knows his products very well and will work his tail off to make sure his customers have the best experience possible when purchasing a vehicle!

    Get to know Russ:
    Favorite Food: STEAK!
    Favorite Drink: RedBulls
    Favorite Sport: Football
    Favorite Activity: Riding his ATVs
    Favorite Season: Summer and Winter are a tie!

    Why do you like working at Jim Doran Mazda? "I really like that it is a family oriented business. My family is my everything. I also love meeting new people and helping them with what can be a big purchase." -Russ

  • Sir Isaac Gallegos
    Fleet Manager; CPO Sales
    (971) 237-2466

    Sir Isaac has been with Jim Doran Mazda since 2011. Stability, consistency and family are three words that describe Isaac. He has been married to his sweetheart for over two decades and together they have a 10 year old boy. "I love being a dad more than anything!" Isaac proudly says. Another passion of his is customer service. He greatly enjoys meeting new people, helping his past clients and learning the every evolving technology.

    Get to know Isaac:
    Favorite Food: Mexican food
    Favorite Drink: Rootbeer floats!
    Favorite Activity: Hiking and going to museums with my son
    Favorite time of year: Spring!

    Why do you like working here? "I love working with people and presenting good customer service. There are endless rewards to helping others." -Isaac

  • Kobe Jenson
    Finance Manager
    (503) 437-4478

    Kobe is a prime example of what working hard can do for you. He started working for Jim Doran Mazda as a detailer in 2018. He was great at his work and was always usually doing more than asked of him. In the winter of 2019 he made the jump to become a sales person and month after month he found himself atop the sales leader board. Now, he is making yet another jump into F&I!  Kobe will continue to use his youth and enthusiasm to the paper work office.

    Get to know Kobe:
    Favorite Food: Chic-fil-a Sandwich
    Favorite Drink: Capri Sun Cherry
    Favorite Movie: Ant-Man
    Favorite Weekend Adventure: Going to Vegas!

    Why do you like working at Jim Doran Mazda? I am young in my career yet have already accomplished a lot and have gained a ton of experience; I owe all that to this place! They have allowed me to flourish and I am so grateful for the people that I am surrounded with.

  • Michael "Mac" Montgomery
    Sales Consultant
    (503) 310-2623

    The most important-as well as rewarding-part of my job is to find the right vehicle for a client. The journey is different for every customer, showing options and giving advice are my responsibility. While I do this everyday, it may be a first for customers; therefore patience and clarity are paramount.

    Get to know Mac:
    Favorite Food: Seafood and Italian
    Favorite Movie: The Outlaw Josey Wales
    Favorite Sport: Baseball and golf
    Favorite Person/Mentor: My father - I lucked out on that one!

    Why do you like working at Jim Doran Mazda? The people! Not only my co-workers, but the customers and community as a whole. I moved closer to work partly for that reason.

  • James McBeth
    Sales Consultant
    (503) 687-2821

    If you are in the showroom for more than 15 minutes, chances are you have heard James laugh! He is a laid back and down to earth salesman who is usually always in a good mood. He enjoys a good steak, watching movies and chillin'! James will alway shoot it to you straight, will never lie and will always have the customer best interest at heart!

    Get to know James:
    Favorite Meal: Tacos and a Diet Mountain Dew
    Favorite Movie(s): Paid in Full; Support Your Local Sheriff and the John Wick series!
    Favorite Weekend Adventure: Playing in the hills or at the dunes!

    Why do you like working at Jim Doran Mazda? I like the family atmosphere, I truly feel like they have my back and care about us.

  • Jason Walters
    Sales Consultant
    (503) 778-0094

    "It is about the experience for me!" Jason spoke when asked what it is about the automotive sales industry that intrigues him. The journey ones takes from making the conscious decision to buy a vehicle to the last signature and driving away in one. I want to be there to help guide them not only through the buying process, but the process to find the vehicle that best matches their lifestyle. When I meet a person and they become a customer I want to make sure they know that I am here for them from the buying part as well as the ownership part. They can come to me when they have questions about their new ride or help getting it serviced. 

    Get to know Jason:
    Favorite Food: Can't beat the good ole hamburger!
    Favorite Drink: Dr. Pepper
    Favorite Sport: CrossFit

    Why do you like working at Jim Doran Mazda? I enjoy that I am working with friends and I care about my co-workers.

  • Darin Stutzman
    Sales Manager
    (503) 966-3084

    Having been born in McMinnville and raised just outside of town on a farm in Sheridan, Darin knows the valley! He also knows the car business. First appearing on the Jim Doran roster in 2005 as a sales person, young Darin thought this was "just another job" but soon fell in love with the atmosphere and people. He was then Internet Sales Manager before becoming Fleet Manager to know on the main desk as Sales Manager. Darin can now also add another title to his resume: dad! Darin, wife Angela and one-year-old son Lucas still live in the valley and enjoy living life to the fullest!

    Get to know Darin:
    Favorite Food: Pizza! Tacos!
    Favorite Drink: A blue mountain cold Coors Light
    Favorite Team: GO BLAZERS!
    Favorite Activity: Camping with the family

  • Sandra Cinnamon
    Office Manager
    (503) 687-2805

    Our charismatic office manager, Sandy, has been with the company for nearly 20 years. She was born and raised in the valley, graduating from Willamina High School and getting a degree from Merritt Davis College of Business. She has four children, eight grandchildren, one great-grandchild and has been married to her husband Tom for almost 40 years! Oh, and she has a pet horse! Well, kind of... her service dog, Goose is a Newfoundland who is as sweet as they come and enjoys being with her at the dealership.

  • Chris Miles
    Internet Sales Manager; Marketing Director; CX Agent
    (503) 687-2804

    Joining the Jim Doran Mazda team in June of 2019, Chris is our Internet Sales Manage, Marketing Director and CX (Customer Experience) Agent. He is responsible for the look and feel of our company brand from logo to website design. A graphic designer and marketing guru, Chris brings a creative and strategic advertising and marketing methodology unprecedented in the dealership and auto industry. His social media prowess, photography skills and creative ingenuity has been an invaluable addition to the Jim Doran Mazda team.

    Chris graduated from Linfield College in 2005, was a defensive lineman for the 2004 National Championship winning football team, a 2016 Hall of Fame inductee and a standout thrower for the Track & Field team. He married his college sweetheart in 2006 and together with their 11-year-old boy and twin 7-year-old girls reside in McMinnville. When Chris is not creating an advertising campaign he enjoys hunting, fishing and spending time with his family. You may also catch him coaching youth football and basketball in McMinnville.